Right of withdrawal

Consumer´s right to withdraw from contract

If the contract has been concluded remotely through the means of electronic communication (at an e-shop), the consumer shall have the right, according to § 53, clause 7, of the Civil code, to withdraw from the contract within 14 days since receiving the performance (delivery of goods).

If you decide to exercise this right, you need to do the following:

1. Manifest your will to withdraw from the contract, preferably by means of an e-mail in which you give : your name, address, the number of the invoice (or the tax document), the number of the bank account to which the refunded amount for the goods will be credited. The manifestation of your will to withdraw from the contract can alternatively be made in a different way, for instance, through registered mail or a phone contact. However, e-mail will expedite things. Please, be mindful of the fact that your withdrawal from the contract has to be delivered on the 14th day since receiving the performance (the delivery of goods) at the latest.

2. The returned goods have to be complete including accessories and the documents delivered (instructions for use, certificate of warranty, etc.), undamaged, without traces of wear and tear, preferably in the original, undamaged packaging.

3. Send the goods to our address (we recommend to insure the consignment) – but in no case as cash on delivery.

4. Following the delivery of the returned goods, a credit note which you are obliged to sign and return to our address will be issued and sent out to you within 5 days. You will receive your financial means within 30 days since your withdrawal from the contract, at the latest. The costs incurred in connection with the return of goods to be borne fully by the buyer.

5. Failure to fulfil condition 1 means no effective withdrawal from the contract will take place. Failure to fulfil condition 2 means your withdrawal from the contract is effective, but the seller will be entitled to reduce the returned sum by the incurred reduction in the financial value of the returned article (the goods are damaged, incomplete, etc.), yet the consumer´s right to withdraw from the contract without any sanction remains untouched by the aforesaid.

Apart form the cases in which the withdrawal from the contract is expressly agreed upon, the consumer is not entitled to withdraw from contracts:
- for the delivery of goods that have been custom-made for them, as well as perishable goods  and goods liable to wear and tear or obsolescence.